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Why join a group fitness program?

The cost of private training can be costly. Group training makes working out consistently more affordable. Working with a group is not just a workout, it's a social experience. It not only creates great camaraderie, it makes you accountable to more people. Further, working out with others creates positive energy and motivation, two HUGE factors to help you if you have struggled on your own. Come try a class for free!

Classes currently offered:

Metabolic Circuit Training:
(duration-60 mins)

Program designed to challenge the whole body. This is a circuit-style workout that is suited for most fitness levels. It involves short intervals of cardiovascular endurance, strength training, balance and agility. This method of training is proven to increase metabolism for calorie burning and more fat loss. You will have fun & see results!!
(Sessions currently offered two days per week. Check class sched. for days & times).

Silver Fitness :(45 mins)

As you age, your flexibility and muscle composition decreases significantly. R
esistance training can slow these effects, especially if done consistently
This session involves low-impact exercises using resistance bands, dumbbells, medicine balls and bodyweight. You will learn how to improve balance, flexibility and core strength.
(Sessions currently offered three days per week. Check class schedule for days & times).

TRX Suspension: (60 mins)
Challenge your whole body using TRX suspension trainers and your own body weight. TRX suspension will challenge your core like nothing else and introduce you to functional training-the way your body is designed to move!!

Ab Blast: (30 mins)
30 minute workout of various exercises to strengthen & tone your core.  Core strength is crucial for good posture, prevent injury, and improve your quality of movement. 

ACE Certified Personal Trainer
IDEA member
15+ years experience
Team Beachbody coach
TRX Affiliate

  • Private Training
  • Semi-private Training
  • Group classes
  • Sport-specific Training
  • Corporate Wellness programs & seminars


  • Custom Program Design
  • Fitness Assessments/body composition testing


"I have been taking the Silver Fit class for about 3 months.  I am 74 years old and have had both hips replaced as well as rupturing my Achilles tendon twice, which adversely affected my balance.  This class has not only has been great for my core strength, but has helped tremendously with re-gaining good balance.  It is a work out that every person should do, but I think it is more important for older people to help them stay active and feel better physically and mentally.  Pete keeps his classes small so that he can interact with each person to make sure they are doing the exercises properly.  Thanks Pete, you do a super job and make your classes fun!!"

Sharon O.

"Pete's workouts are fun, challenging  and great for any fitness level. Whether you are a novice or have years of workout experience, Pete will challenge and encourage you to meet all of your fitness goals."
    Ed E.

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